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When you purchase a discovery set of 2 mL spray samples of the entire Maher Olfactive line in a hinged metal tin, you will receive a $35 credit to go towards the purchase of a full bottle.

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  • Crystal Moon Eau de Parfum - osmanthus absolute, lavender flowers, jonquil absolute, Yirgacheffe coffee tincture, raspberry, hinoki, juniper, Peru balsam, dried fruit, amber resin
  • Nefertiti Extrait de Parfum - honey, orchid leaf, jasmine, kyphi incense, jazz cigarette, immortelle absolute, oud, vetiver and musk
  • Orris Forest Eau de Parfum - cassie absolute, violet leaf absolute, orris butter, fig leaf, piñon pine, juniper tree, Bulgarian lavender, coriander, oakmoss, coumarin, dark-aged patchouli and Indian black pepper
  • Santal Auster Extrait de Parfum - sandalwood, oud, opoponax, styrax, dark-aged patchouli and castoreum
  • Sagan Dalya Extrait de Parfum - Siberian rhododendron, tagete marigold, tobacco, immortelle, honey and labdanum
  • Sun Soaked Eau de Parfum - neroli, narcissus, orange bigarade, black currant bud, chamomile, Texas cedarwood and amber
  • Tempo Rubato Extrait de Parfum - apricot, plum, neroli, petitgrain, orange blossom absolute, rose otto absolute, narcissus absolute, jasmine grandiflorum absolute, galbanum, orris butter, benzoin, leather and musk
  • Treachery Extrait de Parfum - pipe tobacco, vanilla absolute, sweet almond, cocoa, whiskey, saffron, spices, davana and berries

For individual samples from Maher Olfactive, Chatillon Lux and many other independent perfumers, visit American Perfumer and Sealed Essence